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Francesco Iannuzzelli

Oud, Guitar, Music Theory

Francesco Iannuzzelli

Born in Milan (Italy), lives in London since 2001.
He has been studying classical and jazz guitar for more than 10 years with Alberto Pizzigoni, main guitarist of the Italian TV orchestra in Milan. He also studied harmony, composition and counterpoint with Aldo Rossi at the Music Education Centre in Milan.
Francesco has worked as a session musician, sound engineer and arranger at MAP studios in Milan for several years before moving to UK. He has written and produced music for TV and other media, and recently completed a Specialist Certificate in Orchestration for Film and TV by the Berklee College of Music.
After exploring various music instruments and styles from all over the world, he has specialised in the Iraqi style of Oud playing, studying with the Iraqi Master Ahmed Mukhtar. Together with Ahmed Mukhtar, Francesco has launched Taqasim Music School in 2011, where he teaches individual and group classes of Oud and Middle-Eastern music theory. Francesco regularly performs Iraqi, Persian, Ottoman and general Arabic music as Oud soloist or in several ensembles, such as Dafarahn (in duo with the double-bass player Lucile Belliveau), the SOAS Iranian band and the Turkish folk group Nefes.

Francesco owns an ALCM Diploma in Classical Guitar, a Certificate in Music Studies from Goldsmiths College and a Certificate in Teaching World Music Performance from SOAS University. At SOAS, he has recently completed a Master in Music Performance, awarded with distinction, specialising in Middle-Eastern music and the Oud.
He also owns a MSc in Electronic Engineering & Computer Science from the Politecnico of Milan, obtained with a research project in the simulation of music perception via neural networks.

Member of the Musicians Union, BASCA, and NSPCC certified.

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