Taqasim Music School

Taqasim Oud Club new event

14 November 2016

Taqasim Oud Club By Taqasim Music school is a new project that falls under the umbrella of Taqasim Music School. It is formed by the
students for the students and it is led by the students of Taqasim Music School.
The aims of the club is to create an informal setting where former and current students of the School can meet to
enjoy playing Oud, learning from one another and to encourage students from both beginners and intermediate
classes to reach their full potential. taqasic
The club aims to run monthly practice session to be organised and led by Oud students. The club will be a hub
for discussion and dialogue between music cultures. The Oud and the maqam system will be preserved beyond
the class room.
 Run practice session that caters for all playing abilities.
 Create a database for all Oud players both past and current to capture Oud journey
 Invite Taqasim Music School teachers to run question and answer sessions
 Organise an annual event where students from the school perform

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Taqasim Music School - London - UK